What's on the Menu

*One complimentary with any Main Course service

Redken Chemistry Hair Repair Treatment                       10
Facial waxing (brow, lip, or chin) each area                    10
Hair Cleansing Treatment                                                10

Main Course
*Includes one complimentary Appetizer with service (one per visit)

Woman’s Haircut                                                              31
Highlights only                                                                  66
Highlights with color                                                         41
Lucky 7 Spotlight Highlights                                              36
Root Retouch Color                                                            41
Scalp to Ends New Color                                                    56
Shades EQ Glaze or Overlay                                              35
Men’s Haircut                                                                    21
Child’s Haircut (up to 12 yrs old)                                       16
Signature Permanent Wave                                               66
Signature Permanent Straightened                                   180
Special Occasion Style                                                       35

Desserts (I do not do nails, but they are offered at the salon)
Hands (H), Feet (F)

Quick Nails                                                                         H 16  F 16
*File and Polish                      
Maintenance Nails                                                             H 26  F 36
 *Nail, Cuticle, Callus work & polish
Zen Nails                                                                            H 41  F 41
*File, Cuticle Moisturizing treatment,
Massage, callus work & polish
Axxium Gel Enhancements                                                H 55  F 45
*Individual nail repair                                            10
*White tips                                                             10
Axxium Soak Off Colored Gel Overlay                   40
Nail Embellishments (Art)                                     5

***All of Raw Salon Prices are “starting at” prices and will vary according to the service provider’s level based on demand and skill. All prices are subject to change. Please ask your service provider or salon coordinator for prices prior to the service if desired.***

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